TITLE: Life And Immortality Brought To Light Through The Gospel. Being A True Discovery Of The Nature And Ground Of The Religion And Kingdom Of Christ; In Several Weighty Queries, Propounded; And Other Serious Matters Treated Of, Highly Importing The Eternal Salvation Of Souls.
in Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington(Volume 4)

AUTHOR:   Penington, Isaac.   - EDITOR:   Penington, Isaac.   Fox, George.   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (9)  LIFE and IMMORTALITYBrought to Light by theGOSPEL: BEING A true Discovery of the Nature and Ground of the Religion and Kingdom of CHRIST, &c.    Starts at - Img 78 Pg 69
    • (9.1)  I. Some Queries concerning the State of the Church as it was in the Apostles Days, and was to be afterwards.    Starts at - Img 78 Pg 69
    • (9.2)  II. Some Queries on Chap. xxix. and xxx. of DEUT. Compared with ROM. x.    Starts at - Img 82 Pg 73
    • (9.3)  III. Some Queries concerning Destruction and Salvation.    Starts at - Img 84 Pg 75
    • (9.4)  IV. Some Queries on Coloss. i. 27, 28, 29. (Observe, that in ver. 27. whereas it is in our common Translation rendered, This Mystery among the Gentiles; it is in some other Translations rendered, This Mystery in the Gentiles; and so it is in the Greek.)    Starts at - Img 86 Pg 77
    • (9.5)  V. Some Queries concerning the Way of Life, and Mystery of the Gospel.    Starts at - Img 88 Pg 79
    • (9.6)  VI. Some Queries concerning Righteousness or Justification.    Starts at - Img 89 Pg 82
    • (9.7)  VII. Some Queries about being under the Law, and being under Grace.    Starts at - Img 91 Pg 84
    • (9.8)  VIII. Some Queries for the Professors of Christianity to consider of, and try their States by. For it is good for every one to know and understand his Estate aright (what it is in the Sight of the Lord) and not to be mistaken in a Matter of so great Concernment.    Starts at - Img 92 Pg 85
    • (9.9)  IX. A Question answered about Preaching the Gospel after the Apostasy.    Starts at - Img 95 Pg 88
    • (9.10)  X. Two Questions answered; one concerning others not learning what God teacheth us; the other concerning the Way of his Teaching us.    Starts at - Img 98 Pg 91
    • (9.11)  XI. Of the threefold Appearance of Christ; to wit, under the Law, in a Body of Flesh, and in his Spirit and Power.    Starts at - Img 101 Pg 94
    • (9.12)  XII. Concerning Mount Sinai, and Mount Sion.    Starts at - Img 109 Pg 102
    • (9.13)  XIII. Of the Signification of Mount Sinai, and Mount Sion.    Starts at - Img 111 Pg 104
    • (9.14)  XIV. Concerning the Temple and Sacrifices under the Gospel.    Starts at - Img 114 Pg 107
    • (9.15)  XV. Some Questions concerning the Light of CHRIST'S Spirit answered, according to the Testimony of the Scriptures of Truth, and according to Experience.    Starts at - Img 116 Pg 109
    • (9.16)  XVI. The Way to know one's Election, and to be fully assured of it; as also concerning Election itself.    Starts at - Img NaN Pg 116
    • (9.17)  XVII. Some Observations concerning the Priesthood of CHRIST, from several Passages in the Epistle to the HEBREWS.    Starts at - Img 126 Pg 121
    • (9.18)  XVIII. A brief Relation of the Estate or Condition the Lord found many of us in, when he came to visit us, and make known to us the blessed Ministration of his Spirit and Power, and of some of his Dealings with us, in instructing and nurturing us up therein; with a few Words of Exhortation.    Starts at - Img 136 Pg 131
    • (9.19)  XIX. Concerning the Gospel State.    Starts at - Img 147 Pg 142
    • (9.21)  XXI. Some Questions answered, concerning the Gentiles doing by Nature the Things contained in the Law; and so shewing the Work of the Law written in their Hearts, Rom. ii. 14, 15.    Starts at - Img 169 Pg 164
    • (9.22)  XXII. Concerning the Rule of the Children of the New Covenant.    Starts at - Img 173 Pg 168
    • (9.23)  XXIII. Some Queries concerning the Low, or Word; Statutes, Testimonies, Judgments, &c. which David was so delighted its, and prayed so earnestly for.    Starts at - Img 177 Pg 172
    • (9.24)  XXIV. Some Observations on 2 Pet. iii. 14, 15, 16.    Starts at - Img 182 Pg 177
    • (9.25)  XXV. Concerning the Gospel Ministry, or right Way of teaching and learning the Mystery of Life and Salvation.    Starts at - Img 185 Pg 180
    • (9.26)  XXVI. A few Words concerning the old and new Covenant, with some Queries thereupon.    Starts at - Img 188 Pg 183
    • (9.27)  XXVII. Queries on ROM. vith, viith, and viiith Chapters.    Starts at - Img 190 Pg 185
    • (9.28)  XXVIII. A further Testimony in brief concerning the Work of GOD upon our Hearts, who are called Quakers.    Starts at - Img 199 Pg 194
    • (9.29)  XXIX. A brief Account of the Ground of our Worship, and how it cometh to pass that we cannot conform to the Spirit of this World, or to the Wills of Men therein, but only to the Spirit and Will of our God.    Starts at - Img 201 Pg 196
    • (9.30)  XXX. Some Queries concerning knowing and owning the Lord Jesus Christ truly and aright, who hath been the only Saviour and Redeemer in all Ages and Generations; and there never was, and never shall be, any other.    Starts at - Img 204 Pg 199
  • (10)  THE CONCLUSION.    Starts at - Img 209 Pg 204