TITLE: Of The Church, In Its First And Pure State, In Its Declining State, In Its Declined State, And In Its Recovery. With The Way Of Salvation In The Covenant Of Life Opened, And Some Stumbling-Blocks Removed Out Of The Way Of The Simple-Hearted. Likewise Some Queries Concerning The New Covenant. With An Exhortation To All People; But More Especially To Such As Are Desolate And Distressed. By One Who Testifieth What He Hath Seen, And Heard, And Tasted, And Handled Of The Word, And Life Eternal. Whereunto Is Added, A Visit Of Tender And Upright Love To Such As Retain A Sincerity Towards The Lord. Also, A Brief Account Of The Ground Of Certainty And Satisfaction, Which It Hath Pleased The Lord To Establish In My Heart Concerning Religion, And The Things Of His Kingdom. And A Question Answered, About The Way Of Knowing The Motions, Doctrines, And Teachings Of Christ's Spirit. With Somewhat Relating To The Gospel-Rest, Or Sabbath. And Some Queries To Such As Complain Of Want Of Power To Become The Lord's, And Serve Him.
in Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington(Volume 3)

AUTHOR:   Penington, Isaac.   - EDITOR:   Penington, Isaac.   Fox, George.   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (12)      Starts at - Img 138 Pg UN
  • (13)  THE PREFACE.    Starts at - Img 140 Pg 133
  • (14)  OF THE CHURCH.    Starts at - Img 145 Pg 138
    • (14.1)  I. Of the Church in its First and Pure State, when it was clothed with the Sun, had the Moon under its Feet, and was crowned with the Crown of Twelve Stars, travailing to Bring-forth, and Brought-forth the Man-Child, which was to Rule all Nations with the Rod of Iron.    Starts at - Img 145 Pg 138
    • (14.2)  II. Of the Church in its declining and falling Estate.    Starts at - Img 153 Pg 146
    • (14.3)  III. Of the declined and fallen State of the Church.    Starts at - Img 157 Pg 150
    • (14.4)  IV. Of the State of the Church in its Recovery; or what State the Church shall be in after it is recovered out of the Apostasy.    Starts at - Img 161 Pg 154
    • (14.5)  THE Way of Salvation in the Covenant of LIFE OPENED: And some Stumbling-Blocks removed out of the Way of the Simple-hearted.    Starts at - Img 163 Pg 156
    • (14.6)  SOME QUERIES CONCERNING THE NEW COVENANT.    Starts at - Img 175 Pg 170
    • (14.7)  AN Exhortation to All People, But more especially to Such as art DESOLATE and DISTRESSED.    Starts at - Img 178 Pg 173
    • (14.8)  A Visit of tender and upright Love TO SUCH AS, Among the many Professions and Ways of Religion, retain any Measure of Sincerity of Heart, and true Desires after the Lord.    Starts at - Img 182 Pg 177
    • (14.9)  A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF THE Ground of Certainty and Satisfaction, which it hath pleased the Lord to establish in my Heart concerning Religion, and the Things of His Kingdom.    Starts at - Img 197 Pg 192
    • (14.10)  A QUESTION answered about the Way of knowing the Motions, Doctrines, and Teachings of Christ's Spirit.    Starts at - Img 200 Pg 195
    • (14.11)  SOMEWHAT Touching the Gospel-Rest, or Sabbath.    Starts at - Img 208 Pg 203
    • (14.12)  SOME QUERIES TO SUCH As complain of Want of Power to become the Lord's, and serve him; and who are not yet so acquainted with the Truth as to witness the Cleansing by it, and ceasing from Sin.    Starts at - Img 212 Pg 207
    • (14.14)  A POSTSCRIPT, CONTAINING Some further Queries concerning the New Covenant.    Starts at - Img 220 Pg 215