TITLE: To Such As Are Not Satisfied With A Profession, Without The True Life And Power, But Have Sincere Desires In Their Hearts After The Lord Himself, And A Willingness To Be Acquainted With His Pure Living Truth, And With The Soul's True Guide And Leader; This Experience Is In My Heart To Express Unto You, Which We Have All Along Witnessed In Our Travels Out Of The Dark Corrupt Land, Into The Land Of Life And Purity.
in Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington(Volume 3)

AUTHOR:   Penington, Isaac.   - EDITOR:   Penington, Isaac.   Fox, George.   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (7)  To such as are not satisfied with a Profession, without the true Life and Power, but have sincere Desires in their Hearts after the Lord himself, and a Willingness to be acquainted with his pure living Truth, and with the Soul's true Guide and Leader; this Experience is in my Heart to express unto you, which we have all along witnessed in our Travels out of the dark corrupt Land, into the Land of Life and Purity.    Starts at - Img NONE Pg UN
    • (7.2)  There is ONE THING more in my HEART unto You, at this Time, which is Concerning applying the PROMISES.    Starts at - Img 97 Pg 90
    • (7.3)  There is another Query, of great Concernment, which springeth up in my Heart towards you.    Starts at - Img 99 Pg 92
    • (7.4)  A POSTSCRIPT, Concerning Deceit, and being Deceived.    Starts at - Img 101 Pg 94