TITLE: Concerning The Church: Or, Of The Church State Under The Gospel. Whereby It May Appear What A Miserable Apostasy From The Truth Hath Overspread And Covered The Earth For Many Ages And Generations, And How Gross And Thick The Darkness Yet Lies Upon It; Though The Light Of God, In His Tender Mercy, Hath Broke Forth And Shined Upon The People Of His Gathering, And Through Them Hath Also Visited The World. Whereunto Are Annexed Some Observations Upon The Eternal Judgment, As It Is Expressed By Christ, Mat. xxv. 31. To The End Of The Chapter.
in Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington(Volume 2)

AUTHOR:   Penington, Isaac.   - EDITOR:   Penington, Isaac.   Fox, George.   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (49)  OF THE CHURCH STATE UNDER THE GOSPEL.    Starts at - Img 527 Pg 520
    • (49.2)  Some QUERIES to the Professors of Christianity, to provoke them to Jealousy for their Good.    Starts at - Img 541 Pg 534
    • (49.3)  SOME OBSERVATIONS UPON THE ETERNAL JUDGMENT, As it is expressed by CHRIST, Matthew xxv. 31. to the End of the Chapter.    Starts at - Img 542 Pg 535