TITLE: Some Deep Considerations. Many Deep Considerations Have Been Upon My Heart Concerning The State Of Israel, Both Past, Present, And To Come; Some Of Which I Find Drawings To Communicate; Together With Some Questions And Answers Concerning Unity.
in Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington(Volume 2)

AUTHOR:   Penington, Isaac.   - EDITOR:   Penington, Isaac.   Fox, George.   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
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  • (42)  SOME DEEP CONSIDERATIONS. Many deep Considerations have been upon my Heart concerning the State of Israel, both past, present, and to come; some of which I find Drawings to communicate; together with some Questions and Answers concerning Unity.    Starts at - Img 464 Pg 457
    • (42.2)  SOME QUESTIONS and ANSWERS, CONCERNING SPIRITUAL UNITY.    Starts at - Img 476 Pg 469