TITLE: Concerning Persecution: Which Is, The Afflicting Or Punishing That Which Is Good, Under The Pretence Of Its Being Evil. Which Practice Is Contrary To The Very Nature Of Mankind, (So Far As It Is Drawn Out Of The Corruption And Depravation) Which Would Be Good, And Do Good, And Have Good Cherished, And Evil Suppressed, Both In Itself And Others. It Is Contrary Also To All Equal And Righteous Government, Which Is For The Suppressing Of Evil, And Cherishing Of Good; And Not For The Afflicting And Crushing Of That Which Is Good, Upon Pretence Of Its Being Evil. Yet This Unhappy Error Will Always Be Committed In Nations And Governments, Until The Proper Right And Just Liberty Of Mens Consciences Be Discerned, Acknowledged, And Allowed. Likewise There Are Some Answers Given To That Common Objection, Against Affording Conscience Its Due Liberty; Because Evil Persons May Pretend Conscience To Escape The Just Punishment Of Their Evil Deeds. With A Brief Account Of That Supposed Stubbornness, Which By Many Is Objected Against The People Called Quakers. Given Forth In Love To This Nation, That At Length The True Bottom And Foundation Of A Lasting Peace And Settlement May Be Espied; The Spirits Of The Governors And People Fixed Thereon; And That Dangerous Rock Of Persecution (Whereon Both The Powers And People Of This Nation Have So Often Split) Carefully Avoided By All.
in Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington(Volume 2)

AUTHOR:   Penington, Isaac.   - EDITOR:   Penington, Isaac.   Fox, George.   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (20)  CONCERNING PERSECUTION.    Starts at - Img 211 Pg 204
    • (20.2)  1. What or who it is that is persecuted.    Starts at - Img 212 Pg 205
    • (20.3)  2. What or who it is that persecuteth, or is the persecutor.    Starts at - Img 213 Pg 206
    • (20.4)  3. The nature of persecution, or what it is to persecute.    Starts at - Img 214 Pg 207
    • (20.5)  4. The grounds of persecution, or what are the things that cause the one spirit and principle to persecute, and the other to be persecuted.    Starts at - Img 215 Pg 208
    • (20.6)  5. The ways and means of persecution.    Starts at - Img 217 Pg 210
    • (20.7)  6. The ends of persecution, or what the persecuting spirit aims at in its persecuting, and would fain attain thereby.    Starts at - Img 219 Pg 212
    • (20.8)  7. The colour or pretence which men put upon their persecutions of that which is good.    Starts at - Img 221 Pg 214
    • (20.9)  8. The blessedness of the persecuted.    Starts at - Img 222 Pg 215
    • (20.10)  9. The grievous misery of the persecutors.    Starts at - Img 224 Pg 217
    • (20.11)  10. The way and means to avoid persecution.    Starts at - Img 228 Pg 221
    • (20.12)  A brief Account of that Stiffness, Resolvedness, and supposed Stubbornness, which by many is objected against the People called Quakers.    Starts at - Img 235 Pg 228