TITLE: The Consideration Of A Position Concerning The Book Of Common-Prayer. As Also Of Some Particulars Held Forth For Truths, By One Edmund Ellis, Stiled A Minister Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. With A Warning Of Tender Bowels To The Rulers, Teachers, And People Of This Nation, Concerning Their Church And Ministry. Likewise A Few Words Concerning The Kingdom, Laws, And Government Of Christ In The Heart And Conscience; Its Inoffensiveness To All Just Laws And Governments Of The Kingdoms Of Men.
in Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington(Volume 2)

AUTHOR:   Penington, Isaac.   - EDITOR:   Penington, Isaac.   Fox, George.   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (12)  THE CONSIDERATION OF A POSITION CONCERNING THE BOOK OF COMMON-PRAYER. AS ALSO Of some Particulars held forth for Truths, &c.    Starts at - Img 124 Pg 119
    • (12.2)  A Warning of tender Bowels, to the Rulers, Teachers, and People of this Nation, concerning their Church and Ministry.    Starts at - Img 143 Pg 138
    • (12.3)  Of the Kingdom, Laws, and Government of Christ in the Heart and Conscience; its Inoffensiveness to all just Laws and Governments of the Kingdoms of Men.    Starts at - Img 148 Pg 143