TITLE: Babylon The Great Described, The City Of Confusion, In Every Part Whereof Antichrist Reigns; Which Knoweth Not The Order And Unity Of The Spirit, But Striveth To Set Up An Order And Uniformity According To The Wisdom Of The Flesh, In All Her Territories And Dominions. Her Sins, Her Judgments. With Some Plain Queries Further To Discover Her; And Some Considerations To Help Out Of Her Suburbs, That Her Inward Building May Lie The More Open To The Breath And Spirit Of The Lord, From Which It Is To Receive Its Consumption And Overthrow. Also An Exhortation To The Powers Of The Earth
in Works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Penington, Isaac.   - EDITOR:   Penington, Isaac.   Fox, George.   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (21)      Starts at - Img 210 Pg UN
  • (22)  THE PREFACE.    Starts at - Img 212 Pg 145
  • (23)  A DESCRIPTION OF BABYLON, For THE Sake OF THE DAUGHTER OF SION, Which at present dwelleth in the midst thereof.    Starts at - Img 216 Pg 149
    • (23.5)  SOME Plain QUERIES, Drawn out of the Book of the Revelations, for all Sorts of Professors of this Age to answer between God and their own Souls; that they may see whether they have received that Light from him, which his Spirit judged necessary to give forth, to keep People chaste to him, and to preserve them from the several painted Beds of Antichrist's Fornications and Whoredoms from the Life.    Starts at - Img 269 Pg 202
    • (23.6)  SOME CONSIDERATIONS, Helping out of the Suburbs or Out-skirts of Babylon, that her inward Building may be the better come at, and lie more open to the Axe and Hammer, which are to batter it down, and to cut it for the Fire.    Starts at - Img 272 Pg 205
    • (23.7)  AN EXHORTATION TO THE PRESENT POWERS.    Starts at - Img 276 Pg 209