TITLE: Womens speaking justified, proved and allowed of by the scriptures : all such as speak by the spirit and power of the Lord Jesus. And how women were the first that preached the tidings of the resurrection of Jesus ...

AUTHOR:   Fell, Margaret.  

Table of Contents:

    FRONT MATTER:   Womens Speaking Justified, Proved and Allowed of by the Scriptures, All such as speak by the Spirit and Power of the Lord JESUS. And how WOMEN were the first that preached the Tidings of the Resurrection of JESUS, and were sent by Christ's Own Command, before He ascended to the Father, John 20. 17.
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  • (1)  Womens Speaking Justified, Proved, and Allowed by the Scriptures.    Starts at - Img 4 Pg 3
    • (1.2)  A further Addition in Answer to the Objection concerning Women keeping silent in the Church; For it is not permitted for them to speak, but to be under obedience; as also saith the Law, If they will learn any thing, let them ask their Husbands at home, for it is a shame for a Woman to speak in the Church; Now this as Paul writeth in 1 Cor. 14. 34. is one with that of 1 Tim. 2. 11. Let Women learn in silence with all subjection.    Starts at - Img 13 Pg 12