TITLE: Journal of the life, travels and gospel labours of that faithful servant and minister of Christ, Job Scott

AUTHOR:   Scott, Job.  

Table of Contents:

  • (1)  A TESTIMONY FROM THE Monthly Meeting of Providence CONCERNING JOB SCOTT.    Starts at - Img 4 Pg iii
    • (1.2)  A Testimony from the national half-year's meeting of Friends in Ireland concerning Job Scott, late of Providence, in the state of Rhode-Island, &c. in America.    Starts at - Img 11 Pg x
  • (2)  CONTENTS.    Starts at - Img 14 Pg UN
  • (3)  JOURNAL OF THE LIFE AND TRAVELS OF JOB SCOTT. CHAP. I. His birth and parentage. The early impressions of truth on his mind. On children in general. A series of visitations of divine love. His frequent transgression, trials about water-baptism, predestination, &c.    Starts at - Img 16 Pg UN
  • (4)  CHAP. II. His exercises continued, and particularly about using the plain scripture language. Of Israel's wilderness travel, and the forerunner. Reference to the seasons and book of Job. On humility, and his entrance into the work of the ministry, and considerations thereon.    Starts at - Img 44 Pg 29
  • (5)  CHAP. III. His exercises continued. Passes through some discouragements. A word of encouragement to the exercised traveller. A view of God's goodness, and anciently with Noah, Abraham, &c. Trials about the war, paper currency and taxes. An address to Zion. His sickness, and other trials. Waits in silence, &c.    Starts at - Img 63 Pg 48
  • (6)  CHAP. IV. On taxes for war. Visit to some families in Dartmouth, and to Moses Farnum in his last sickness. His marriage. Visit on Rhode-Island. Concerning spirituous liquors. On procuring this world's goods. Thanksgiving, a Poem. Family visit in his own monthly meeting.    Starts at - Img 86 Pg 71
  • (7)  CHAP. V. His removal to Gloucester. His sister Sarah's death. On silent waiting in families. Visit to the quarterly and monthly meetings. On strict plainness and simplicity of living. Visits families at Richmond. The true light, sun, moon and stars alluded to. On the six and seven days. On the seven seals.    Starts at - Img 102 Pg 87
  • (8)  CHAP. VI. The folly of self-importance. The author's concern, that himself and others may experience an entire reduction of self, and perfect resignation to the divine will. His visit to Friends of Oblong and Nine-Partners, in the state of New-York.    Starts at - Img 133 Pg 118
  • (9)  CHAP. VII. Prospect of visiting Friends of Pennsylvania and New-Jersey. Exercises and sickness preceding his journey, and occurrences therein.    Starts at - Img 146 Pg 131
  • (10)  CHAP. VIII. Trials and exercises he passed through. Exhortations. A prospect of visiting the southern states. Preparatory exercises—proceeds in the visit.    Starts at - Img 206 Pg 191
  • (11)  CHAP. IX. An account of his wife's last sickness and death—same of her dying sayings, and his peculiar exercises and trials at that time, and especially on that occasion.    Starts at - Img 286 Pg 271
  • (12)  CHAP. X. Extracts from his diary, and an account of his visit into Connecticut.    Starts at - Img 292 Pg 277
  • (13)  CHAP. XI. Account of his voyage to Europe.    Starts at - Img 315 Pg 300