TITLE: Memoir of the life of Elizabeth Fry, with extracts from her journal and letters(Volume 2)

AUTHOR:   Fry, Elizabeth Gurney.   Fry, Katharine.   Cresswell, Rachel Elizabeth.  

Table of Contents:

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  • (4)  CONTENTS.    Starts at - Img 8 Pg UN
  • (5)  MEMOIR OF THE LIFE OF ELIZABETH FRY. CHAPTER XV. 1827—1829. Illness of her sister Rachel Gurney, gradual decline and death—Birth of a grandson and nephew—Estimate of infant life—Foreign correspondence—Dr. Julius, Madame Potemkin, &c., &c.—Public engagements—Journey into Norfolk and Derbyshire—Ladies' British Society Meeting—Marriage of a daughter—Journey into the north of England—Heavy sorrows—Leaves Plashet—Letter to a daughter—Letter to a sister—Many letters of condolence—Winter in London—Settlement at Upton Lane—Yearly Meeting.    Starts at - Img 12 Pg UN
    • (5.3)  From William Wilberforce, Esq.    Starts at - Img 46 Pg 35
    • (5.4)  From the Rev. John W. Cunningham.    Starts at - Img 48 Pg 37
    • (5.5)  From her Brother-in-law, T. F. Buxton, Esq. (afterwards Sir T. Fowell Buxton, Bart.)    Starts at - Img 49 Pg 38
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  • (7)  CHAPTER XVI. 1829, 1830. Foreign Correspondence—Dr. Julius, Madame de Pastoret, Madame de Barol—Letter to a daughter—Summons to the sick-bed of a niece—Poor men by the road-side—Prepares her Text-Book—Anecdote—Letter—Attends Suffolk Quarterly Meeting—Visits Pake-field and Earlham—Letter to her children at home—Foreign prisons—Death of a connexion—Illness of a nephew—Visit to Brighton—Death of her uncle Robert Barclay, Esquire—Of a little grandchild—Of a nephew—Of her uncle, Joseph Gurney, Esquire—Attends his funeral at Norwich—Letter to her family from Earlham—Interest in prisons unabated—Capital punishment—Prison reform.    Starts at - Img 59 Pg UN
    • (7.2)  To her youngest Daughter, who was spending the autumn at Earlham—    Starts at - Img 69 Pg 58
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  • (9)  CHAPTER XVII. 1831—1833. Journey to Lynn—Letter from Ely—Attends the Kent Quarterly Meeting—Interview with the Duchess of Kent and the Princess Victoria—Yearly Meeting—Interview with Queen Adelaide, and some of the Royal Family—Leave-taking on board the Mary Female Convict Ship—Dagenham—Public Meeting in that neighbourhood—Journey with her husband—Ilfracombe—History of Samuel Marshall—Death-bed of a converted Jew—Death of Mrs. Sarah Fry—Opinions on choice in Marriage—Cholera—Examination before Committee of House of Commons—Yearly Meeting—Ladies' British Society Meeting—Attends Half-Yearly Meeting in Wales—Crosses to Ireland—Marriage of a Son—Marriage of a Daughter—Visit to Norfolk—Yearly Meeting—Family assembled at Upton.    Starts at - Img 93 Pg 82
  • (10)  CHAPTER XVIII. 1833, 1834. Sojourn in Jersey—Visits to Guernsey, Sark and Herm—Objects in these Islands—Recall to England—Death of a nephew—Nurses one of her daughters in severe illness—Letters to three of her daughters—Return to Upton Lane—Marriage of a son—Attends the Meetings in Dorset and Hants—Crosses to the Isle of Wight—Fresh Water—Coast-Guard Stations there—Visit to a Convict Ship—A walk in the Plashet grounds—Intercourse with Members of Government—Coast-Guard Libraries—Convict Ships—Journey into Scotland—Prisons there—Brighton District Society.    Starts at - Img 128 Pg 119
    • (10.2)  To the Authorities of the Island of Jersey, who have the Direction and Management of the Prison and Hospital.    Starts at - Img 131 Pg 122
    • (10.3)  To a daughter and son-in-law preparing to leave England for Madeira.    Starts at - Img 136 Pg 129
    • (10.4)  Letter to her Brother Joseph John Gurney, occasioned by hearing of the death of his Mother-in-law Mrs. Fowler.    Starts at - Img 137 Pg 130
  • (11)  CHAPTER XIX. 1834—36. Death of the Duke of Gloucester—Letter to the Princess Sophia of Gloucester—Coast Guard Libraries—Examination before Committee of the House of Lords—Goes to Lynn—Marriage of her youngest daughter—Journey along the southern coast of England—Crosses to Jersey and Guernsey—Libraries for packets at Falmouth—Libraries for Shepherds of Salisbury Plain—Death of a sister-in-law—Accounts of Jersey prison—Goes to Earlham—Religious visit to Sussex, Kent, &c., Hastings, Sheerness—Marriage of a niece—Visit to Dublin—Female prison, &c.—National schools—Conclusion of seamen's libraries—Jersey prison—Illness of a sister—Hesitation—Unpleasant voyage to Guernsey.    Starts at - Img NaN Pg UN
    • (11.2)  Notes for examination before Committee of the House of Lords.    Starts at - Img 173 Pg 168
    • (11.3)  Letter from the Rev. Whitworth Russell to the Secretary of the Ladies' Convict Ship Committee.    Starts at - Img 187 Pg 182
    • (11.4)  To her Sister Mrs. Buxton, And Her Family Then In Scotland.    Starts at - Img 210 Pg 205
    • (11.5)  To her Daughter, Mrs. Francis Cresswell.    Starts at - Img 211 Pg 206
  • (12)  CHAPTER XX. 1837, 1838.—Earlham—Death of a sister-in-law—Death of King William IV.—Accompanies her brother Joseph John Gurney to Liverpool—His departure for America—Paramatta Factory—Letter to her children—Philanthropic evenings—Coalwhippers—Letter—Visits France—Letter from Abbeville—Sojourn at Paris—Prisons—Schools—Return through Normandy—District Society Meeting—Meeting at Westminster—Journey to Scotland—Visits to Friends, Solitary and Separate System—Return home—Renewed prospect of Visiting France—Family Meeting.    Starts at - Img 217 Pg UN
    • (12.3)  To the Provost and Magistrates of the City, and Sheriff Depute, and Sheriff Substitute of the County of Aberdeen.    Starts at - Img 253 Pg 248
  • (13)  CHAPTER XXI. 1839.—Sale at Crosby Hall for the Ladies' British Society—Journey on the Continent—Paris—Letter to M. de Beranger—Solitary system—Lyons—Nismes—Avignon—Toulouse—The Pyrenees—Grenoble—Geneva—Zurich—Frankfort—Return home—Goes into Norfolk—Different administrations in religion.    Starts at - Img 266 Pg UN
    • (13.3)  To John Carey, Esq., Castle Carey, Guernsey.    Starts at - Img 307 Pg 302
    • (13.5)  To her Children in England.    Starts at - Img 310 Pg 305
  • (14)  CHAPTER XXII. 1840, 1841.—Audience of the Queen—Meeting in London—Leaves home for the Continent—Ostend—Brussels—Antwerp—Amsterdam—Zwolle—Minden and Pyrmont—Hanover—Berlin—Leipzig—Dusseldorf—Return home—Yearly Meeting—Anti-Slavery Society Meeting—Dying hours of a relative—Isle of Wight—Parkhurst—Nursing sisters—Illness of a son—Niger Expedition—Silent and Solitary System—Dangerous illness of a daughter.    Starts at - Img 341 Pg UN
  • (15)  CHAPTER XXIII. 1841, 1842. Letter to Colonel Jebb—Leaves home for the Continent—Rotterdam—The Hague—Amsterdam—Bremen—Hamburg—Lubeck Copenhagen—Return to Hamburg—Minden and Pyrmont—Hanover—Berlin—Silesia—Illness—Accident—Return home—Ramsgate—Upton Lane—Lynn—Earlham—Winter at home—Communications with the Continent—The King of Prussia in England—Sale at the Mansion House—Letter to her eldest son—Autumn at Cromer—Fisherman's Reading-room—Letters from the Continent—Return by West Norfolk to Upton Lane.    Starts at - Img 391 Pg UN
    • (15.3)  “Most Illustrious, most Mighty King, most Gracious King and Lord.    Starts at - Img 419 Pg 412
    • (15.4)  To her Sister, Lady Buxton.    Starts at - Img 438 Pg 431
  • (16)  CHAPTER XXIV. 1842—1844. Death of a Grandaughter—Funeral—Last visit to France—Female prison at Clermont-en-Oise—Paris—Guizot—The Duchess d'Orleans—Gentlemen of colour—Greeks—Fête du Roi—Bill for prison improvement—Return home—Female prisoners in Van Diemen's Land—Increased illness—Sandgate—Tonbridge Wells—Winter of great suffering—Letter from her brother Joseph John Gurney—Moved to Bath—Return to Upton Lane—Death of her sister Elizabeth Fry——Death of a Grandson—Goes to Meeting—Stay at Walmer—Death of a Grandaughter—Death of her son William Storrs Fry—Death of another Grandaughter—Deep affliction.    Starts at - Img 459 Pg UN
    • (16.3)  To her Children in Norfolk.    Starts at - Img 491 Pg 484
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  • (18)  CHAPTER XXV. 1844, 1845.—Return from Walmer—Death of a Niece—Visit to Kensington—Visit to her brother Joseph John Gurney—Parting with some of her children for Madeira—Marriage of a Nephew to a Niece—Death of Sir T. Fowell Buxton—Visit to Norfolk—Earlham—North Repps——Runcton—Yearly Meeting—Ladies' British Society Meeting—Marriage of her youngest Son—Marriage of a Niece—Removal to Ramsgate—Successive parties of her family—Sudden increase of illness—Death—Funeral—Conclusion.    Starts at - Img 508 Pg UN
    • (18.2)  To her Niece Priscilla Johnston.    Starts at - Img 513 Pg 506