TITLE: A Letter to a Friend.
in Collection of the works of that ancient, faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Chalkley

AUTHOR:   Chalkley, Thomas.   - EDITOR:   Chalkley, Thomas.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (14)  A Letter to a Friend.    Starts at - Img NONE Pg UN
    • (14.2)  The first Instance of a young Man, given to ill Company, and hard Drinking.    Starts at - Img 486 Pg 475
    • (14.3)  The second Instance of a Merchant, addicted to the like destructive Practices.    Starts at - Img 488 Pg 477
    • (14.4)  The Third Instance of another young Man, who much embraced the same destroying Delights.    Starts at - Img 490 Pg 479
    • (14.5)  The fourth Instance of a young Woman, who often absented herself from Meetings, for the sake of much bad Company.    Starts at - Img 491 Pg 480