TITLE: The Possibility And Necessity Of The Inward & Immediate Revelation Of The Spirit Of God, Towards The Foundation And Ground Of True Faith, Proved, In A Letter Writ In Latin To A Person Of Quality In Holland; And Now Also Put Into English: By R. B.
in Truth triumphant(Volume 3)

AUTHOR:   Barclay, Robert.   - EDITOR:   Barclay, Robert.   Keith, George.  

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  • (40)  THE POSSIBILITY AND NECESSITY OF THE INWARD & IMMEDIATE REVELATION OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD, Towards the foundation and ground of True Faith, proved, in a Letter writ in Latin to a person of Quality in Holland; and now also put into English: by R. B.    Starts at - Img 560 Pg UN
  • (41)  THE CONTENTS    Starts at - Img 587 Pg 590
  • (42)  A TABLE Of the Chief Things contained in this Third Volume.    Starts at - Img 588 Pg 591
  • (43)  FRIENDS' FAMILY LIBRARY.    Starts at - Img 596 Pg UN
  • (44)  TO THE READER.    Starts at - Img 598 Pg UN