TITLE: A True And Faithful Account Of The Most Material Passages Of A Dispute Betwixt Some Students Of Divinity (So Called) Of The University Of Aberdeen, And The People Called Quakers; Held In Aberdeen In Scotland, In Alexander Harper His Close (Or Yard) Before Some Hundreds Of Witnesses, Upon The 14th Day Of The Second Month Called April, 1675. There Being Opponents-John Lesly, Alexander Shirreff, Paul Gellie, Mast. Of Art. And Defendants Upon The Quakers' Part, Robert Barclay And George Keith. Praeses For Moderating The Meeting Chosen By Them, Andrew Thompson, Advocate: And By The Quakers, Alexander Skein, Sometime A Magistrate Of The City.
in Truth triumphant(Volume 3)

AUTHOR:   Barclay, Robert.   Keith, George.   Skene, Alexander.   - EDITOR:   Barclay, Robert.   Keith, George.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents

    FRONT MATTER:   TRUTH TRIUMPHANT, THROUGH THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE, CHRISTIAN LABOURS AND WRITINGS, OF THAT ABLE AND FAITHFUL SERVANT OF JESUS CHRIST, ROBERT BARCLAY. To which is prefixed, AN ACCOUNT OF HIS LIFE. A TRUE AND FAITHFUL ACCOUNT OF THE MOST MATERIAL PASSAGES OF A DISPUTE BETWIXT SOME STUDENTS OF DIVINITY (SO CALLED) OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN, AND THE PEOPLE CALLED QUAKERS; Held in Aberdeen in Scotland, in Alexander Harper his Close (or Yard) before some hundreds of witnesses, upon the 14th day of the second month called April, 1675. There being Opponents—John Lesly, Alexander Shirreff, Paul Gellie, Mast. of Art. And defendants upon the Quakers' part, Robert Barclay and George Keith. Praeses for moderating the meeting chosen by them, ANDREW THOMPSON, Advocate: And by the Quakers, ALEXANDER SKEIN, sometime a Magistrate of the City.     Starts at - Img 2 Pg UN
  • (1)  THE EPISTLE.    Starts at - Img 5 Pg UN
  • (2)  AN ACCOUNT OF A DISPUTE AT ABERDEEN.    Starts at - Img 6 Pg UN
    • (2.2)  R. B. his offer to JO. MENZIES, Professor of Divinity (so called) GEORGE MELDRUM, Minister at Aberdeen, and WILLIAM MITCHELL, Catechist, at Foot of Dee.    Starts at - Img 35 Pg 34
  • (3)  A POST-SCRIPT.    Starts at - Img 41 Pg 40

  • FRONT MATTER:   QUAKERISM CONFIRMED: OR, A VINDICATION OF THE CHIEF DOCTRINES AND PRINCIPLES OF THE PEOPLE CALLED QUAKERS, FROM THE Arguments and Objections of the Students of Divinity (so called) of Aberdeen, in their Book, entitled, Quakerism Canvassed.      Starts at - Img 48 Pg 46
  • (4)  THE PREFACE TO THE READER.    Starts at - Img 50 Pg 48
  • (5)  THE CONTENTS.    Starts at - Img 52 Pg 51
  • (6)  QUAKERISM CONFIRMED. Section I.    Starts at - Img 54 Pg 53
  • (7)  SECTION II.    Starts at - Img 70 Pg 69
  • (8)  SECTION III.    Starts at - Img 78 Pg 77
  • (9)  SECTION IV.    Starts at - Img 92 Pg 91
  • (10)  SECTION V.    Starts at - Img 112 Pg 111
  • (11)  SECTION VI. OF BAPTISM.    Starts at - Img 135 Pg 134
  • (12)  SECTION VII. OF THE MINISTRY.    Starts at - Img 148 Pg 147
  • (13)  SECTION VIII. OF LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE.    Starts at - Img 163 Pg 162
  • (14)  THE CONCLUSION.    Starts at - Img 175 Pg 174