TITLE: Robert Barclay His Vindication, Wherein The Scruples And Mistakes Some Have Had Touching His Book, Called The Anarchy Of The Ranters, Are Cleared, And The Ground, Upon Which W. R.'S Papers Against It Are Built, Removed; The Substance Of The Papers Being Briefly Answered By Way Of Epistle To Friends, Who Therein Have Or May Be Concerned. Which May Serve, As An Explanatory Postscript To Robert Barclay's Book Of Government.
in Truth triumphant(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Barclay, Robert.   - EDITOR:   Barclay, Robert.   Keith, George.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents

    FRONT MATTER:   ROBERT BARCLAY HIS VINDICATION, WHEREIN The Scruples and Mistakes some have had touching his Book, called THE ANARCHY OF THE RANTERS, are cleared, and the ground, upon which W. R.'s Papers against it are built, removed; the Substance of the Papers being briefly answered by way of Epistle to Friends, who therein have or may be concerned. WHICH MAY SERVE, AS AN Explanatory Postscript TO ROBERT BARCLAY'S BOOK OF GOVERNMENT.      Starts at - Img 557 Pg UN
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  • (45)  LETTER OF WILLIAM ROGERS.    Starts at - Img 576 Pg 575
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