TITLE: Truth Cleared Of Calumnies: Wherein A Book, Entitled A Dialogue Between A Quaker And A Stable Christian, (Printed At Aberdeen, And Upon Good Ground Judged To Be Writ By William Mitchell, A Preacher Near By It, Or At Least That He Had The Chief Hand In It,) Is Examined, And The Disingenuity Of The Author In His Representing The Quakers Is Discovered. Here Is Also Their Case Truly Stated, Cleared, Demonstrated, And The Objections Of Their Opposers Answered, According To Truth, Scripture, And Right Reason.
in Truth triumphant(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Barclay, Robert.   - EDITOR:   Barclay, Robert.   Keith, George.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents

  • (1)  INTRODUCTION    Starts at - Img 4 Pg UN
  • (2)  AN ACCOUNT OF THE LIFE AND WRITINGS OF ROBERT BARCLAY. PART I. His origin—education—progress in religion—and the chief events of his life.    Starts at - Img 6 Pg UN
  • (3)  PART II. His writings—the time and motives of their publication—and a brief description of their contents.    Starts at - Img 42 Pg 43
  • (4)  PREFACE TO THE READER    Starts at - Img 68 Pg 67
  • (5)  SEVERAL TESTIMONIES CONCERNING R. BARCLAY.    Starts at - Img 114 Pg 111
    • (5.1)  George Fox his Testimony concerning Robert Barclay.    Starts at - Img 114 Pg 111
    • (5.2)  A Testimony to the memory of Robert Barclay, by his faithful friend, William Penn.    Starts at - Img 114 Pg 111
    • (5.3)  Patrick Livingstone his Testimony concerning Robert Barclay.    Starts at - Img 117 Pg 114
    • (5.4)  The Testimony of Andrew Jaffray concerning Robert Barclay.    Starts at - Img 118 Pg 115
    • (5.5)  An Epitaph upon that faithful servant of the Lord, Robert Barclay of Ury.    Starts at - Img 122 Pg 119
  • (6)  TRUTH CLEARED OF CALUMNIES: WHEREIN A BOOK, ENTITLED A Dialogue between a Quaker and a Stable Christian, (Printed at Aberdeen, and upon good ground judged to be writ by William Mitchell, a Preacher near by it, or at least that he had the chief hand in it,) Is Examined, and the Disingenuity of the Author in his representing the Quakers is discovered. HERE IS ALSO THEIR CASE TRULY STATED, CLEARED, DEMONSTRATED, AND THE OBJECTIONS OF THEIR OPPOSERS ANSWERED, ACCORDING TO TRUTH, SCRIPTURE, AND RIGHT REASON.    Starts at - Img 124 Pg UN
  • (7)  PREFACE TO THE READER.    Starts at - Img 126 Pg UN
  • (8)  TRUTH CLEARED OF CALUMNIES.    Starts at - Img 132 Pg 129