TITLE: Saints testimony finishing through sufferings : or, the proceedings of the court against the servants of Jesus who were called before them to be tryed at the late Assizes (or sessions) held in Lanbury..

AUTHOR:   anonymous.  

Table of Contents:

    FRONT MATTER:   SAINTS TESTIMONY Finishing through SVFFERINGS: OR, The Proceedings of the Court against the Servants of Jesus, who were called before them to be tryed at the late Assizes (or Sessions) held in Banbury in the County of Oxon, the 26 day of the seventh Moneth, 1655.      Starts at - Img 2 Pg UN
  • (1)      Starts at - Img 3 Pg 2
    • (1.2)  A Warning from the Spirit of the Lord (in his Handmaid) Anne Audland, to the Priest and persecuting people in Banbury, and all such as may be found in their nature, and falsly accusing and imprisoning the Servants of the Lord Iesus.    Starts at - Img 11 Pg 10
  • (2)  A TESTIMONY Against False Prophets, and false Teachers: And also the Objection answered, concerning the woman forbidden to speak in the Church With a Relation of Margret Vivers, who was moved of the Lo-d to go speak-o the Priest in the Steeplehouse in Banbury: And also concerning the imprisonment of Richard Farnsworth, &c.    Starts at - Img 14 Pg 13
  • (3)  A short Relation betwixt the true Prophets and the false, and how they may be known assunder.    Starts at - Img 18 Pg 17
  • (4)  The Priests crueltie manifested, &c.    Starts at - Img 20 Pg 19
    • (4.2)  A few Observations of the Lords sending his Servants in former dayes, &c.    Starts at - Img 21 Pg 20
    • (4.3)  Who are no Vagabonds nor Iesuits, and who are the Vaga bonds, as herein wil appear.    Starts at - Img 22 Pg 21
    • (4.4)  An Account of Richard Farnsworth's Commitment Prison in Banbury, the 30th. of the 7th. Month; and his Examination and Answer, in brief, at the Court before the Mayor and Iustices the day following, being the first of the eigth Month, 1655.    Starts at - Img 23 Pg 22
  • (5)  A TRUE DECLARATION OF The Suffering of the Innocent, who is hated and persecuted without a cause.    Starts at - Img 29 Pg UN
  • (6)  A Copie of a Letter sent from Thomas Curtis, who had been a Captain in the Parliaments Army, to Samuell Wells, professed Minister of the Town of Banbury, and sent to him into the Court or Sessions, then holden in Banbury, the 27. day of the 7th. Month, 1655.    Starts at - Img 37 Pg 38
  • (7)  A Certificate of the endeavours of certain Friends which went to the Magistrates of Banbury, to have had Copies of the Causes of the Prisoners Commitment at their late Sessions, and pretended Goale-Delivery, &c.    Starts at - Img 39 Pg 40
  • (8)  Some CONSIDERATIONS upon the Proceedings against the PRISONERS, or the Innocent sufferers for the Testimony of JESUS in Banbury, at the late Assize, Sessions, or pretended Goal-Delivery.    Starts at - Img 40 Pg 41