TITLE: Memoir of Rachel Hicks

AUTHOR:   Hicks, Rachel.  

Table of Contents:

    FRONT MATTER:   MEMOIR OF RACHEL HICKS.      Starts at - Img 3 Pg UN
  • (1)      Starts at - Img 3 Pg UN
  • (2)  CONTENTS.    Starts at - Img 8 Pg UN
  • (3)  MEMOIR OF RACHEL HICKS. CHAPTER I. Birth and Parentage—Early Religious Experience—Hospitality of her Father's House—Exercises of her Mind concerning Divine Requisitions—Her Marriage—First Appearance in the Ministry. 8th mo. 7th, 1857.    Starts at - Img 12 Pg UN
  • (4)  CHAPTER II. Some Account of her Husband—Reflections incident to his Illness and Death—Account of her Ancestors—Origin of the Township of Westbury.    Starts at - Img 25 Pg 14
  • (5)  CHAPTER III. 1828 TO 1833. Separation in New York Yearly Meeting—Her Religious Experiences and Exercises—Death of Two Children.    Starts at - Img 42 Pg 31
  • (6)  CHAPTER IV. 1833 TO 1839. The Acknowledgment of her Gift in the Ministry—Religious Visit to Nine Partners and Stanford Quarterly Meetings as Companion to Phebe I. Merritt—Attends the Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia as Companion to Sarah Hicks—Obtains a Minute to attend the Quarterly Meetings of Stanford and Duanesburgh and appoint some Meetings—Minute to attend the Yearly Meetings of Genesee, Ohio, and Indiana, and Subordinate Meetings—Incidents of the Journey.    Starts at - Img 51 Pg 40
  • (7)  CHAPTER V. 1839 TO 1852. Obtains a Minute to attend the Quarterly Meetings of Purchase and Shrewsbury and Rahway, and the Meetings composing them—Minutes to attend the Yearly Meetings of Genesee, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Ohio, Indiana, and all the Meetings constituting them, and also for Service in her own Yearly Meeting.    Starts at - Img 65 Pg 54
  • (8)  CHAPTER VI. 1852 TO 1856. Illness and Death of her Son Abraham—Tribute to his Worth—Exercises in Prospect of further Labor—Obtains a Minute to attend all the Meetings constituting New York Yearly Meeting—Attends Baltimore Yearly Meeting and the Meetings constituting it—Reflections upon the System of Slavery.    Starts at - Img 75 Pg 64
  • (9)  CHAPTER VII. 1857 TO 1860. Obtains a Minute to visit the Families of Westbury Quarterly Meeting—Minute to visit the Families of the three Monthly Meetings of Philadelphia—Illness and Death of her Companion, Caroline Willets—Minute to visit the Families of the Monthly Meeting of Baltimore—Minutes to attend the Yearly Meetings of Philadelphia, Ohio, Indiana, and remote Settlements in the West.    Starts at - Img 88 Pg 77
  • (10)  CHAPTER VIII. 1861 TO 1864. Exercises of her mind induced by the Condition of our Country—Attends Baltimore Yearly Meeting and some of the Meetings within its Limits.    Starts at - Img 105 Pg 94
  • (11)  CHAPTER IX. 1864 TO 1867. Minutes to attend Genesee Yearly Meeting, the Meetings constituting New York Yearly Meeting, and to visit the Families of Amawalk and Chappaqua—Minute to attend Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and its Subordinate Meetings—Reflections upon the Work of the Ministry—Acknowledgment of Divine favor.    Starts at - Img 121 Pg 110
  • (12)  CHAPTER X. 1867 TO 1870. Visits some of the Subordinate Meetings of New York Yearly Meeting, as one of a Committee appointed to that Service.    Starts at - Img 134 Pg 123
  • (13)  CHAPTER XI. 1867 TO 1873. Acknowledgment of Divine Favor—Obtains a Minute to attend all the Yearly Meetings with which we are in Unity—Attends Philadelphia Yearly Meeting—Also the Yearly Meetings of Ohio, Indiana, and Baltimore, and the remote Meetings in Illinois and Iowa—Attends Genesee Yearly Meeting—Retrospect of the Service.    Starts at - Img 141 Pg 130
  • (14)  CHAPTER XII. 1873 TO 1875. Reflections on the Nineteenth Anniversary of the Death of her Son Abraham—Retrospect of her Life upon entering her Eighty-sixth Year.    Starts at - Img 149 Pg 138
  • (15)  CHAPTER XIII. 1875 TO 1878. Retrospect at the Opening of the Year—Return of Minute, after visiting the Families of Friends and Friendly People in the Monthly Meetings of Westbury and Jericho—Gratitude for the Continued Evidences of Divine Favor in the Evening of Life—Attends Baltimore Yearly Meeting—Her Closing Record after entering her Ninetieth Year.    Starts at - Img 161 Pg 150