TITLE: A Brief Account Of The Rise And Progress Of The People Called Quakers, In Which Their Fundamental Principles, Doctrines, Worship, Ministry And Discipline Are Plainly Declared, &C.
in Collection of the works of William Penn(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Penn, William.   - EDITOR:   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (30)  A Brief ACCOUNT of the Rise and Progress of the People, call'd Quakers. IN Which their Fundamental Principle, Doctrines, Worship, Ministty and Discipline are Plainly Declared, &c.    Starts at - Img NONE Pg UN
  • (31)  A Brief ACCOUNT, &c.    Starts at - Img 866 Pg 859
    • (31.1)  CHAP. I. Containing a brief Account of divers Dispensations of God in the World, to the Time he was pleased to raise this Despised People, call'd Quakers.    Starts at - Img 866 Pg 859
    • (31.2)  CHAP. II. Of the Rise of this PEOPLE, their Fundamental Principle, and Doctrine, and Practice, in Twelve Points resulting from it: Their Progress and Sufferings: An Expostulation with England thereupon.    Starts at - Img 871 Pg 864
    • (31.3)  CHAP. III. Of the Qualifications of their Ministry. Eleven Marks that it is Christian.    Starts at - Img 880 Pg 873
    • (31.4)  CHAP. IV. Of the Discipline and Practice of this PEOPLE, as a Religious Society. The Church Power they own and exercise, and that which they Reject and Condemn: With the Method of their Proceedings against Erring and Disorderly Persons.    Starts at - Img 883 Pg 876
    • (31.5)  CHAP. V. Of the First Instrument or Person by whom God was pleas'd to gather this People into the Way they profess. His Name G. Fox: His many Excellent Qualifications; shewing a Divine, and not an Human Power to have been their Original in Him. His Troubles and Sufferings both from without and within. His End and Triumph.    Starts at - Img 885 Pg 878
    • (31.6)  CHAP. VI. Containing Five several Exhortations, First, General, reminding this People of their Primitive Integrity and Simplicity. Secondly, in Particular, to the Ministry. Thirdly, to the Young Convinced. Fourthly, to the Children of Friends. Fifthly, to those that are yet Strangers to this People and Way, to whom this Book, (and that it was Preface to in it's former Edition) may come. All the several Exhortations accommodated to their several States and Conditions; that all may answer the End of God's Glory and their own Salvation.    Starts at - Img 891 Pg 884