TITLE: A Treatise Of Oaths, Containing Several Weighty Reasons Why The People Called Quakers Refuse To Swear, And Those Confirmed By Numerous Testimonies Of Gentiles, Jews And Christians, Both Fathers, Doctors And Martyrs,
in Collection of the works of William Penn(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Penn, William.   - EDITOR:   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (21)  A TREATISE of OATHS: CONTAINING Several Weighty Reasons why the People call'd QUAKERS, refuse to Swear. And those Confirmed by Numerous Testimonies of Gentiles, Jews, and Christians, both Fathers, Doctors, and Martyrs.    Starts at - Img 621 Pg 612
    • (21.2)  To the KING, and Great Council of England, Assembled in Parliament.    Starts at - Img 621 Pg 612
    • (21.3)  Some Inducements offer'd to answer this Request, from a Consideration of the Cause and End of an Oath, and those Reasons and Testimonies, given by us, against the Use and Imposition of it.    Starts at - Img 622 Pg 613
    • (21.4)  Memorable Testimonies against Swearing, collected out of the Writings of Gentiles, Jews and Christians; some of which were deliver'd to the World several Ages before. Swear not at all was writ by Matthew, or spoken by Christ; which makes Swearing, among Christians, so much the more Disallowable. The whole Publish'd not only in Favour of our Cause, but for the Instruction of the World, and to their Just Honour that said and writ them, as durable Monuments of their Virtue.    Starts at - Img 631 Pg 622
    • (21.5)  CXX. A Copy of the First Letter.    Starts at - Img 676 Pg 669
    • (21.6)  CXXI. A Copy of the Second Letter. The Prince of Orange, Grave of Nassau, Lord and Baron of Bueda, Diest, &c.    Starts at - Img 677 Pg 670