TITLE: A Discourse Of The General Rule Of Faith And Practice. And Judge Of Controversie. Greatly Importing All Those Who Desire To Take Right Measures Of Faith, And To Determine (At Least To Themselves) The Numerous Controversies Now On Foot In The World.
in Collection of the works of William Penn(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Penn, William.   - EDITOR:   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (19)  A DISCOURSE OF THE General Rule of Faith and Practice. And Judge of Controversie.    Starts at - Img 600 Pg 591
    • (19.2)  Of the General Rule of Faith and Practice.    Starts at - Img 600 Pg 591
    • (19.3)  Of the Judge of Controversie.    Starts at - Img 613 Pg 604