TITLE: The Christian Quaker And His Divine Testimony Stated And Vindicated From Scripture, Reason And Authority,
in Collection of the works of William Penn(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Penn, William.   - EDITOR:   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (18)  THE CHRISTIAN-QUAKER, AND HIS Divine Testimony, Stated and Vindicated, from Scripture, Reason and Authority.    Starts at - Img NONE Pg UN
    • (18.2)  The PREFACE. To the Noble Bereans of this Age.    Starts at - Img NaN Pg UN
    • (18.3)  THE Christian-Quaker, &c. CHAP. I The Introduction. Three Questions proposed, stating the Matter to be Treated upon. First, What is Salvation? Ans. To be saved from Sin as well as from Wrath, and not from Wrath without Sin.    Starts at - Img 532 Pg 523
    • (18.4)  CHAP. II. The Second Question stated: Parcicularly what is meant by Light. It is a Principle that discovers the State of Man, and leads to Blessedness.    Starts at - Img 533 Pg 524
    • (18.5)  CHAP. III. That the Light within manifests Sin; yea, All Sin. That Apostacy, or Sin in any, is no Argument against the Light. That the Services of the Jews shew no Imperfection in the Light, but in the People, whose Minds were abroad. If Insufficiency against the Light should be admitted, because of Wickedness in Men; the same may be objected against the Scriptures, which overthrows our Adversary's Assertion concerning their sufficiency.    Starts at - Img 533 Pg 524
    • (18.6)  CHAP. IV. Another Objection against the Light's Sufficiency, to manifest what ought to be done, though it were able to discover what should be avoided. It is answer'd, the Light not telling Man all is knows, or Man may know in Time to come, is no Argument to prove it knows not All Things. Men know more than they DO; let them first Obey what they know, and then what is convenient will be further Reveal'd. It is proved from the Reason of Contraries, because it shews what ought not to be done, from Scripture at large; it does instruct what to do; and that there is Virtue in it, to the Salvatim of All that Believe and Obey it. That there is no Essential Difference between the Seed, Light, Word, Spirit, Life, Truth, Power, Unction, Bread, Water, Flesh and Blood: Only so denominated from the various Manifestations, Operations, and Effects of one and the same Divine Principle in Man.    Starts at - Img 536 Pg 527
    • (18.7)  CHAP. V. An Objection against the Light's Antecedency to Christ's Coming. The Light Saving from Adam's Day, through the Holy Patriarchs and Prophets Time, down to Christ's, proved from Scripture.    Starts at - Img 541 Pg 532
    • (18.8)  CHAP. VI. Another Objection, that though the Jews bad it, it will not follow that the Gentiles were so illuminated. It is Answer'd by several Scriptures, that they were not exempted; but had a Measure of Light, some Divine Seed sown in their Hearts, some Talent given, and that it was sufficient. A Challenge to give an Instance of one that by the Light within was reproved for not believing that Jesus was the Christ, is Answer'd. Such as believed in the Light, and walk'd up to it, did receive Christ when be came. The high Pretenders were they who opposed the Scriptures, and Crucified him. The Light from Scripture concluded Universal and Saving.    Starts at - Img 544 Pg 535
    • (18.9)  CHAP. VII. That the Gentiles Believed in One God. That He inlightened All Men with a Saving Light. That Men ought to Live Piously. That the Soul is Immortal. That there is an Eternal Recompence. The Whole called Gentile-Divinity. The First Paint prov'd by Sixteen Testimonies.    Starts at - Img 550 Pg 541
    • (18.10)  CHAP. VIII. The second Fundamental of Gentile-Divinity, viz. That God hath imprinted the Knowledge of himself on the Minds of all Mankind. Proved from Twelve Pregnant Testimonies, as well of whole Societies, as particular Persons. Compared with Scripture.    Starts at - Img 556 Pg 547
    • (18.11)  CHAP. IX. That this was not only the Doctrine and Faith of the Gentiles, but the very Primitive Doctors, or Fathers, both so held, and so express'd themselves. Eight Testimonies produced for Proof thereof.    Starts at - Img 560 Pg 551
    • (18.12)  CHAP. X. The Third Part of Gentile Divinity, viz. That they were Men of Virtuous Lives, and taught the Indispensibleness thereof to Life Eternal. Prov'd by Numerous Instances.    Starts at - Img 563 Pg 554
    • (18.13)  CHAP. XI. That the Last Point of Gentile-Divinity, to wit, Immortality and Eternal Rewards, is also very clearly and positively beld forth by the An-ient Heathens. Six Testimonies from them, to prove it. Socrates's Great Faith in particular; and the Lofty Strain of the Pythagoreans.    Starts at - Img 568 Pg 559
    • (18.14)  CHAP. XII. That the Heathens had a Sight of the Coming of Christ. That and their Refusing to Swear, prove the Sufficiency of the Light.    Starts at - Img 571 Pg 562
    • (18.15)  CHAP. XIII. It is granted that the Jew, and much more the Christian, hath the Advantage of the Geutile. Yet that the Gentile had enough for Salvation.    Starts at - Img 573 Pg 564
    • (18.16)  CHAP. XIV. A great Objection Stated and Answered. The Light both Law and Gospel, not in the same Discovery, but in it self. A Way to reconcile the seeming Difference about it. The Light still defended as asserted.    Starts at - Img 574 Pg 565
    • (18.17)  CHAP. XV. The Second Part of the Objection, That CHRIST was not anciently called the LIGHT, answered. And the contrary proved from Scripture and Reason.    Starts at - Img 577 Pg 568
    • (18.18)  CHAP. XVI. The Third Part of the Objection: If Christ was enjoyed under the Law, as He was, if the Light be Christ, Why was He Typified? Is proved of no Force. The Type and Anti-type, in some Respects, may be at one and the same Time; this is proved by Plenty of Scripture. Our Adversaries Opposition and Cavil weak and insuccessful.    Starts at - Img 579 Pg 570
    • (18.19)  CHAP. XVII. The fourth Part of the Objection stated and considered. Christ's Death and Sufferings confessed to, and respected: They were beneficial to Salvation. The Light of Christ within is the Efficient Cause to Salvation compleatly taken.    Starts at - Img 582 Pg 573
    • (18.20)  CHAP. XVIII. A Confsssion, in particular, to Redemption, Remission, Justification and Salvation by CHRIST.    Starts at - Img 584 Pg 575
    • (18.21)  CHAP XIX That Christ is the Light, or the Light is Christ, proved from Scripture, and so concluded; notwithstanding two Objections, which are fully answered.    Starts at - Img 590 Pg 581
    • (18.22)  CHAP. XX. The Universality of the LIGHT Within, proved by Reason.    Starts at - Img 593 Pg 584
    • (18.23)  CHAP. XXI. The Sufficiency of the LIGHT proved by Reason.    Starts at - Img 594 Pg 585
    • (18.24)  CHAP. XXII. The Question, Who He is, or They are that obey this Divine Light, &c? Considered and Answer'd; being the Character of a True Quaker.    Starts at - Img 596 Pg 587
    • (18.25)  CHAP. XXIII. The Discourse hitherto summed up, and concluded, with an Exhortation to all Professors of Religion, especially our Opposers.    Starts at - Img 598 Pg 589