TITLE: No Cross, No Crown. A Discourse Shewing The Nature And Discipline Of The Holy Cross Of Christ: And That The Denyal Of Self, And Daily Beating Of Christ's Cross, Is The Alone Way To The Rest And Kingdom Of God. To Which Are Added, The Living And Dying Testimonies Of Many Persons Of Fame And Learning, Both Of Ancient And Modern Times, In Favour Of This Treatise.
in Collection of the works of William Penn(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Penn, William.   - EDITOR:   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (9)  No Cross, No Crown. A DISCOURSE Shewing the Nature and Discipline OF THE Holy Cross of Christ: And that The Denyal of SELF, and Daily Beating of Christ's Cross, is the alone Way to the Rest and Kingdom of GOD. To which are added, The Living and Dying Testimonies of many Persons of Fame and Learning, both of Ancient and Modern Times, in Favour of this Treatise.    Starts at - Img 281 Pg 272
  • (10)  No Cross, No Crown.    Starts at - Img 283 Pg 274
    • (10.1)  The Contents of the First Chapter.    Starts at - Img 283 Pg 274
  • (11)  No Cross, No Crown. The Second PART: Containing An Account of the Living and Dying Sayings OF Men Eminent for their Greatness, Learning, or Virtue: And that of Divers Periods of Time, and Nations of the World. All concurring in this One Testimony, That a Life of Strict Virtue, viz. To Do Well, and Bear Ill, is the Way to Lasting Happiness. Collected in Favour of the Truth delivered in the FIRST PART.    Starts at - Img 383 Pg 374
    • (11.3)  CHAP. XIX. The Testimonies of Several Great, Learned and Virtuous Personages among the Gentiles, urged against the Excesses of the Age, in Favour of the Self-Denial, Temperance and Piety herein recommended.    Starts at - Img 384 Pg 375
    • (11.5)  CHAP. XXI. Serious Dying, as well as Living Testimonies.    Starts at - Img 428 Pg 419