TITLE: An Appendix To The Author's Life
in Collection of the works of William Penn(Volume 1)

AUTHOR:   Penn, William.   - EDITOR:   Penn, William.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (4)  AN APPENDIX TO THE AUTHOR's LIFE.    Starts at - Img 160 Pg 151
    • (4.2)  To P. M. Vice-Chancellor of Oxford.    Starts at - Img 163 Pg 154
    • (4.3)  To Dr. Hasbert, Physician at the City of Embden.    Starts at - Img 164 Pg 155
    • (4.5)  To Justice Fleming, a Justice of Quorum, and Deputy-Lieutenant in Westmorland.    Starts at - Img 166 Pg 157
    • (4.10)  To J. H. and his Companions, Justices in Middlesex.    Starts at - Img 176 Pg 167
    • (4.18)  To the Princess and Countess at Herford in Germany, 1676.    Starts at - Img 186 Pg 177
    • (4.19)  A Summons, or Call to Christendom: In an earnest Expostulation with Her, to prepare for the Great and Notable Day of the Lord that is at the Door.    Starts at - Img 196 Pg 187
    • (4.20)  Tender Counsel and Advice, by Way of Epistle to all those, who are sensible of their Day of Visitation, and who have received the Call of the Lord, by the Light and Spirit of His Son in their Hearts, to partake of the Great Salvation, where-ever scattered throughout the World; Faith, Hope, and Charity, which overcome the World, be multiplied among you.    Starts at - Img 207 Pg 198
    • (4.21)  To all those Professors of Christianity, that are externally separated from the Visible Sects and Fellowships in the Christian World (so called) where-ever Hidden or Scattered, True Knowledge, which is Life Eternal, from GOD the Father, through Jesus Christ, be increased.    Starts at - Img 218 Pg 209
    • (4.22)  A Tender Visitation, in the Love of God, that overcometh the World, to all People in the High and LOW-Dutch Nations, who Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness, and desire to know and worship God in Truth, and in Sincerity; containing a plain Testimony to the Ancient and Apostolical Life, Way and Worship that God is Reviving and Exalting in the Earth, in His Spirit and Truth.    Starts at - Img 225 Pg 216
    • (4.23)  To the Children of Light in this Generation, called of God to be Partakers of Eternal Life in Jesus Christ, the Lamb of GOD, and Light of the World.    Starts at - Img 232 Pg 223
    • (4.24)  A Preface to a Book presented to the King, Lords, and Commons in Parliament Assembled; Entituled, The Case of the People called Quakers stated in Relation to their late and Present Sufferings, Especially upon old Statutes made against Popish Recusants.    Starts at - Img 235 Pg 226
    • (4.25)  A Preface to a Book, entituled, A particular Account of the Late and present great Sufferings and Oppressions, of the People called Quakers upon Prosecutions against them, in the Bishop's Courts, Hnmbly presented to the serious Consideration of the King, Lords, and Commons.    Starts at - Img 236 Pg 227
    • (4.26)  A Preface to a Book entituled, A brief Account of some of the late and present Sufferings of the People called Quakers for meeting together to worship God in Spirit and Truth, upon the Conventicle Act, with an Account of such who died Prisoners from the Year, 1660, for several Causes.    Starts at - Img 237 Pg 228
    • (4.27)  To the Friends of God in the City of Bristol.    Starts at - Img 238 Pg 229
    • (4.28)  An Account of the Blessed End of Gulielma Maria Penn, and of Springet Penn, the Beloved Wife, and Eldest Son of William Penn.    Starts at - Img 240 Pg 231
    • (4.29)  An Account of the Blessed End of my Dear Wife Gulielma Maria Penn.    Starts at - Img 240 Pg 231
    • (4.30)  Sorrow and Joy, in the Loss and End of Springett Penn.    Starts at - Img 241 Pg 232
    • (4.31)  An EPISTLE to the Yearly-Meeting at London.    Starts at - Img 244 Pg 235
    • (4.33)  An EPISTLE of Farewell, to the People of GOD called Quarers, where ever Scattered or Gathered, in England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Germany, or in any other Parts of EUROPE.    Starts at - Img 245 Pg 236