TITLE: The priests fruits made manifest, and the fashions of the world, and the lust of ignorance;

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.  

Table of Contents:

    FRONT MATTER:   The Priests Fruits Made manifest. AND THE Vanity of the world Discovered. Who are given up to their hearts Lust, to run out of one fashion into another. ALSO A few Words to the City of London.     Starts at - Img 2 Pg UN
  • (1)  To all the Priests in the Nation, that they may examine their fruits, and that they may see them, whether that they be agreeable to the Apostles and Ministers of Christ.    Starts at - Img 4 Pg 1
  • (2)  The Fashions of the World.    Starts at - Img 5 Pg 2