TITLE: That all might see who they were that had a command and did pay tythes, and who they were that had a law to receive them : and also them that witnessed in spirit and life the law fulfilled, the substance and end of the law, and that priesthood that took tythes : and likewise, these are here manifest that do take tythes and have no command from God, but contrary to the law of God

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.  

Table of Contents:

    FRONT MATTER:   That all might see WHO THEY WERE That had a Command, and did pay Tythes; and who They were that had a Law to receive them.      Starts at - Img 2 Pg UN
  • (1)  That all people may see whom they were that did receive Tythes, and who they were that paid them.    Starts at - Img NaN Pg 1