TITLE: Journal of Ann Branson, a minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends

AUTHOR:   Branson, Ann.  

Table of Contents:

  • (1)  PREFACE.    Starts at - Img 4 Pg UN
  • (2)  CONTENTS.    Starts at - Img 6 Pg UN
  • (3)  JOURNAL OF ANN BRANSON. CHAPTER I. Her birth and childhood—Some account of her parents and other members of the family—Apostacy of Elisha Bates, and her exercises concerning it—Thomas Shillitoe's testimony concerning J. J. Gurney's doctrines—The Philadelphia appeal—Events of her early womanhood—Her disobedience, and repentance, and forgiveness therefor—Her bed of sickness, and first sermon—Her subsequent recovery.    Starts at - Img 10 Pg UN
  • (4)  CHAPTER II. Commencement of her Diary entries—First poetry—Death of her mother—A religious visit to Salem in company with her father—A religious visit to meetings in Indiana—Visit to a neighboring Monthly Meeting.    Starts at - Img 33 Pg 32
  • (5)  CHAPTER III. Prevalence of Erysipelas fever—Death of her father—Exercises in her own Meeting, and on behalf of individuals about home—Starvation in Ireland—A religious visit in her own Quarterly Meeting—The beginning of the trouble of Gurneyism.    Starts at - Img 55 Pg 54
  • (6)  CHAPTER IV. Visits families about home—Great exercises of mind—Visit to a sick neighbor—Exercises continued, and the spring of the ministry in great measure closed up—A visit to Miriam Ellis, on her death-bed—The funeral of Miriam Ellis—Her labors and concern relative to California gold-hunting.    Starts at - Img 78 Pg 77
  • (7)  CHAPTER V. Exercises in her own Select Meeting and the Quarterly Meeting—Asa Branson's first appearance in the Ministry—A religious visit to the meetings composing Salem and Springfield Quarters—A visit to a dying man after her return—Had to go back to Salem and thereaway to finish the required service.    Starts at - Img 102 Pg 101
  • (8)  CHAPTER VI. A religious visit to Pennsville Quarter and its branches, and many families—Her testimony against music—A religious visit to Stillwater Quarter and its branches, and some families, accompanied by close exercises—Visits meetings about home, and appoints some meetings amongst non-members—Visited families at Guernsey—Again visited Stillwater—And also performed religious service within the limits of Short-Creek Monthly Meeting—Labor with Laban Mitchell against his going to the army—And a notice of his death soon after—Labor and appointment of meetings at Guernsey.    Starts at - Img 134 Pg 133
  • (9)  CHAPTER VII. Appointment of a meeting at Georgetown, and other service in that vicinity—A pointed testimony at Micajah Johnson's—Beginning of the Civil war, and her exercises concerning it—Exercises and service about Harrisville and Mt. Pleasant—A visit to two despondent persons at Stillwater—Again visits Salem and Spring-field Meetings—Neglects an apprehended duty at the town of Barnesville—An acknowledgment and regret over other omissions—Death of Micajah Johnson—Frequent sufferings of spirit on account of the war—Again visits Salem and Springfield Quarters and their branches.    Starts at - Img 170 Pg 169
  • (10)  CHAPTER VIII. A religious visit to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and many of its branches—Her remarkable testimony in the men's Yearly meeting, and much plain dealing in other places, during the fulfilment of required services there.    Starts at - Img 208 Pg 207
  • (11)  CHAPTER IX. Protracted illness—Private spiritual exercises—Interview with Daniel Koll—And opportunities with other individuals—A religious visit to Indiana—Iowa—and the western parts of Ohio; and the peculiar exercises and trials connected therewith—Death of her brother, Jacob Branson, and her accompanying feelings.    Starts at - Img 251 Pg 252
  • (12)  CHAPTER X. Death of her cousin, William Wright; and further remarks on the last days of her brother jacob—Appointment of meetings from amongst Friends—Home exercises, and labors in that vicinity—A visit to Springfield Quarter on a Yearly Meeting appointment—Further exercises, and labor about home—A testimony against attending at fairs—Religious service at Concord—Death of Joseph Hobson, and remarks thereon—Death of Joseph Wilson, and her feelings concerning him.    Starts at - Img 288 Pg 289
  • (13)  CHAPTER XI. Death of Hannah Mitchell, and hopeful remarks—Death of Ruth Conrow—Death of William Bailey, and remarks thereon—A religious visit to Pennsville and Short Creek Quarters, extending to their branches and families—A religious visit to Salem Quarter—its branches and some families—Death of Joseph Walker—Death of Isaac Mitchell—Death of her cousin, Joseph Branson, and remarks concerning him—Exercises under a sense of the situation of her own Yearly Meeting.    Starts at - Img 317 Pg 318
  • (14)  CHAPTER XII. Exercises of the Yearly Meeting's committee relative to impending duty towards small bodies of Friends who have lately withdrawn from some of the Progressive Bodies, in a testimony against their unsoundness—Considerations also included touching correspondence with the Smaller Body in New England—A religious visit to the meetings constituting Ohio Yearly Meeting, extending to Iowa and Kansas—Death of her cousin, Elizabeth Smith—Visited her aged friend, Hannah Warrington, of Moorestown, N. J.—And Attended some meeting in that vicinity—Death of her brother-in-law, Jesse Roberts, and her commendation of his christian virtues—Attended the Orthodox Canada Yearly Meeting, and visited some of its branches—Death of her nephew, Benjamin Branson—Death of Martha A. Wilson—Death of Stephen Hobson—A religious visit to the Orthodox Western Yearly Meeting—A tedious illness.    Starts at - Img 346 Pg 347
  • (15)  CHAPTER XIII. Paid a religious visit to the Yearly Meeting of the Smaller Body in New England, most of its branches—Attended several meetings in Philadelphia and thereabouts, on her way home—A plain and searching testimony at Arch Street Monthly Meeting—Confinement by indisposition—A religious visit to the meetings constituting Salem Quarter—Home exercises, and religious service, when physically able, within the limits of her own Quarterly Meeting—Permanently declining illness, and spiritual exercises of her last days.    Starts at - Img 368 Pg 369
  • (16)  INDEX.    Starts at - Img 396 Pg UN