TITLE: Concerning The Apostate Christians, That Think To Do Miracles By Dead Men's Bones, &C. Of Praying To The Saints That Are Dead, And Asking Counsel Of The Dead, And Praying For The Dead. Concerning Purgatory, And Making A God Or Christ Of The Elements Of Bread And Wine. Concerning The Traditions The Jews Taught, Which Made The Word And Commandment Of God Of None Effect, And The Traditions The Apostate Christians Teach People To Follow, And Set Up Above The Scriptures Of Truth. How Christ Is The True Rock, And Not Peter. And That He Is The Head Of The True Church, And So To Be Held By His Members. The Antiquity Of The Cross Of Christ, Which Was And Is Acknowledged To Be The Power Of God By His True Church.
in Works of George Fox(Volume 6)

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.   - EDITOR:   Fox, George.  

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  • (45)  Concerning the apostate Christians, that think to do miracles by dead men's bones, &c. of praying to the saints that are dead, and asking counsel of the dead, and praying for the dead. Concerning purgatory, and making a God or Christ of the elements of bread and wine. Concerning the traditions the Jews taught, which made the word and commandment of God of none effect, and the traditions the apostate Christians teach people to follow, and set up above the scriptures of truth. How Christ is the true rock, and not Peter. And that he is the head of the true Church, and so to be held by his members. The antiquity of the cross of Christ, which was and is acknowledged to be the power of God by his true Church. By G. F.    Starts at - Img NONE Pg UN
    • (45.2)  Of praying to the saints that are dead, and asking counsel of the dead, and praying for the dead.    Starts at - Img 364 Pg 361
    • (45.3)  Concerning the apostate christians' tradition of a purgatory, after they are dead.    Starts at - Img 365 Pg 362
    • (45.4)  Concerning the traditions of the Jews, and apostate Christians.    Starts at - Img 368 Pg 365
    • (45.5)  The antiquity of our Cross.    Starts at - Img 373 Pg 370
    • (45.6)  The speech or declaration of Sultan Mahomet, the Great Turk, which he sent to the emperor of Germany, dated March 25th, 1683, from Adrianople, just after the Baron Saphonara, the Emperor's Ambassador, had his last audience of the Prince Vizier, wherein the said Ambassador could not comply with the extravagant demands of the Turk; which caused the said Grand Seignior to transmit the same to his Imperial Majesty: which is faithfully translated out of High Dutch.    Starts at - Img 374 Pg 371