TITLE: A Testimony For God's Truth: First, Concerning New And Heavenly Jerusalem, And Jerusalem From Below. Secondly, Concerning Christ, The Great Mountain That Fills The Whole Earth. Thirdly, How Man And Woman Was Created In The Image Of God, And To Be Meet-Helps One To Another. Fourthly, How Every One Ought To Improve The Talent God Gives Them, To His Glory, And Their Eternal Happiness.
in Works of George Fox(Volume 6)

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.   - EDITOR:   Fox, George.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (44)  A testimony for God's truth: First, concerning new and heavenly Jerusalem, and Jerusalem from below.    Starts at - Img NONE Pg UN
    • (44.2)  How all nations may see with the light, the life in Christ, him the great mountain that fills the whole earth.    Starts at - Img 356 Pg 353