TITLE: A Testimony For All Masters Of Ships, And Seamen To Read Over; And To See Whether You Be In The True Faith That The True Christians And Holy Men Of God Were In, And If You Be Not, Then Turn To The Lord Jesus Christ, Who Is The Author And Finisher Of The Holy, Divine, And Precious Faith; And Then By This Faith Your Hearts May Be Purified, And With Your Hearts You May Believe, And With Your Mouths Ye May Make Confession Unto Salvation. Rom. X. And Christ Saith, 'Every One That Is Of The Truth, Heareth His Voice,' John Xviii. 37. And Now Every One That Is Not Of The Truth Heareth Not His Voice, And Say, There Is No Hearing Of It Nowadays. And Here You May See How Christ Called Fishermen And Seamen To Be His Disciples, As Followeth; And How Christ Commanded The Winds, And They Obeyed Him; And How That The Lord God Holds The Winds In His Fist, And Raises A Storm, And Makes A Calm, So That All Are To Serve And Fear Him. 'Quench Not The Spirit, Despise Not Prophesying; Prove All Things, Hold Fast That Which Is Good.' 1 Thes. Xix. 20, 21. Those Who Quench The Spirit, And Despise Prophesying Are Not Like To Prove All Things, Nor Hold Fast That Which Is Good.
in Works of George Fox(Volume 5)

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.   - EDITOR:   Fox, George.  

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