TITLE: Possession Above Profession; Being A Discourse, In Which It May Be Clearly Seen That Many That Make A Profession Of Christ In The Flesh, And Deny Him In His Light, Which He Enlighteneth Every Man That Cometh Into The World Withal, (Which Light Is The Life In The Word,) And Speak Evil Against It, Are Such As Possess Him Not, But Persecute His Light And Life As The Jews, That Persecuted Him In The Days Of His Flesh. And How That Many Turks And Heathens Will Own His Divine Light More Than Many Of Them That Make A Profession Of Christ In The Flesh. And Likewise, How That All Such As Profess Christ Jesus Has Bought Them, Are To Be Governed And Ordered By Him, Their Owner; For The Worldling's Reason Will Say, 'That Which He Hath Bought And Paid For, Is His Own To Order And Govern,' &C.
in Works of George Fox(Volume 5)

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.   - EDITOR:   Fox, George.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (8)  POSSESSION ABOVE PROFESSION;    Starts at - Img 188 Pg 197
    • (8.2)  Some queries to you that make a boast of your profession of Christ in the flesh, and yet deny him in his light, which is the life in the word;    Starts at - Img 197 Pg 206
    • (8.3)  Something by way of Query to, and Expostulation with you that love and expect Earthly Honour.    Starts at - Img 199 Pg 208