TITLE: A Testimony Of What We Believe Of Christ, Before He Was Manifest In The Flesh; And Of His Birth And Preaching, And What He Saith He Is Himself: As Also Of His Sufferings, Death, Resurrection, And Ascension; Both As He Was God, And As He Was Man. And Also, The Testimony Of The Apostles Concerning Him; With Those Names Which God, The Angels, And Holy Ghost Has Given Unto Him, And The Holy Men As They Were Moved By The Holy Ghost; Which We Faithfully Own And Believe. But All Such By-Names, Which Are Not Found In The Scriptures We Testify Against, Though Contended For By Such, As They Say They Have Not The Same Holy Ghost, That Gave Forth The Scriptures: And It Is The Same Spirit That Gives Christ Those By-Names, That In Scorn Calls Us Quakers. Also, How The Believers In The Primitive Times, And Now, Did And Do Possess, And Enjoy Christ Jesus: And What Is The Saints' Food, And How They Are To Walk. And Wherein They May See What A True Christian's Duty Is.
in Works of George Fox(Volume 5)

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.   - EDITOR:   Fox, George.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
  • (5)  A testimony of what we believe of Christ, before he was manifest in the Flesh; and of his Birth and Preaching, and what he saith he is himself: as also of his Sufferings, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension; both as he was God, and as he was Man.    Starts at - Img NONE Pg UN
    • (5.2)  A Brief Appendix, or Supplement.    Starts at - Img 142 Pg 149