TITLE: Saul's Errand To Damascus, With His Packet Of Letters From The High Priests Against The Disciples Of The Lord. Or, A Faithful Transcript Of A Petition Contrived By Some Persons In Lancashire, Who Call Themselves Ministers Of The Gospel, Breathing Out Threatenings And Slaughter Against A Peaceable And Godly People There, By Them Nick-Named Quakers. Together With The Defence Of The Persons Thereby Traduced, Against The Slanderous And False Suggestions Of That Petition And Other Untruths Charged Upon Them.
in Works of George Fox(Volume 3)

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.   - EDITOR:   Fox, George.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents

    FRONT MATTER:   SAUL'S ERRAND TO DAMASCUS, WITH HIS PACKET OF LETTERS FROM THE HIGH PRIESTS AGAINST THE DISCIPLES OF THE LORD. OR, A FAITHFUL TRANSCRIPT OF A petition contrived by some persons in Lancashire, who call themselves ministers of the gospel, breathing out threatenings and slaughter against a peaceable and godly people there, by them nick-named QUAKERS.     Starts at - Img 581 Pg UN
  • (4)  TO ALL THAT LOVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.    Starts at - Img 582 Pg UN
    • (4.2)  To the contrivers and subscribers of the petition.    Starts at - Img 582 Pg UN
    • (4.4)  To the Right Honourable the Council of State.    Starts at - Img 584 Pg 587
    • (4.5)  The answer of George Fox, to the matters falsely charged upon him, by the petition and schedule aforesaid.    Starts at - Img 585 Pg 588
    • (4.6)  More objections against George Fox, charged upon him, by the contrivers of the aforesaid petition; and answered by him, as followeth:    Starts at - Img 591 Pg 594
    • (4.7)  Queries propounded to George Fox, by some of the contrivers of the petition, and by him answered.    Starts at - Img 592 Pg 595
    • (4.8)  James Nayler's answer and declaration, touching some things charged upon him by the men aforesaid.    Starts at - Img 595 Pg 598
    • (4.9)  Divers particulars of the persecutions of James Nayler, by the priests of Westmoreland.    Starts at - Img 598 Pg 601
    • (4.10)  The examination of James Nayler, upon an indictment of blasphemy, at the sessions at Appleby, in January, 1652.    Starts at - Img 605 Pg 608
    • (4.11)  Accusations against John Lawson, by him answered.    Starts at - Img 609 Pg 612
  • (5)  INDEX.    Starts at - Img 612 Pg UN