TITLE: The Doctrines And Principles Of The Priests Of Scotland, Contrary To The Doctrine Of Christ And The Apostles. Here All May See, The Priests Of Scotland, And Their Church, And Their Persecution Against The Saints, And Lambs, Servants, And Children Of God, Whom The Lord Moved To Go Among Them, To Visit The Seed Of God In That Dark Wilderness Country, Who Have Been As Sheep Among Wolves. Also, How Pure Religion Is Turned Upside Down, And Vain Religion Got In Its Place. And The Pure Doctrine Of Christ And The Apostles, Which Saith, 'Entertain Strangers, Love Enemies,' Is Lost Among You: Instead Of Entertaining Strangers, And Loving Enemies, They Imprison And Persecute, And Have Made Their Church Unsavoury. And The Teachers' Fruits Declare Them To Be False, Who Were Wrestlers Against Flesh And Blood, And Strikers At Creatures, Which Christ And The Apostles Did Not.
in Works of George Fox(Volume 3)

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.   - EDITOR:   Fox, George.  

Table of Contents:    Corpus Table of Contents
    • (3.2)  Hugh Archball, priest of Stravan, in Anandale. These are his principles.    Starts at - Img 513 Pg 514
    • (3.3)  John Hume, Priest of Lesmahaga. His Principles as follows, who got into a steeple-house, and shut the door upon him; thus he taught the people.    Starts at - Img 514 Pg 515
    • (3.4)  Henry Foreside, priest of the parish of Lingiah in Dunbartonshire, said in his preaching to the people,    Starts at - Img 514 Pg 515
    • (3.5)  James Dorram, called minister of Glasgow, his principles.    Starts at - Img 515 Pg 516
    • (3.6)  Lodowick Simerell, priest of the new parish of Munckland, his Principles and Doctrines.    Starts at - Img 517 Pg 518
    • (3.7)  John Castaires, called Minister of Glasgow, his Principles.    Starts at - Img 518 Pg 519
    • (3.8)  The priests' first curse, that all the people were to say amen to.    Starts at - Img 523 Pg 524
    • (3.9)  The priests' second curse, which all the people were to say amen to.    Starts at - Img 524 Pg 525
    • (3.10)  The priests' third curse, to which all the people were to say amen.    Starts at - Img 524 Pg 525
    • (3.11)  The priests' fourth curse, to which all the people were to say amen.    Starts at - Img 525 Pg 526
    • (3.12)  The priests' fifth curse, to which all the people were to say amen.    Starts at - Img 525 Pg 526
    • (3.14)  John Nasmith, Priest of Hambleton, his Principles.    Starts at - Img 527 Pg 528
    • (3.15)  Henry Foreside, Priest of Lingiah in Dunbartonshire, his doctrine and Principles.    Starts at - Img 527 Pg 528
    • (3.16)  Thos. Garwine, priest of Edenborough, his doctrine and principles.    Starts at - Img 541 Pg 542
    • (3.17)  A book I have received out of Holland, the title of which is called ‘A Catechism of Christian Religion,’ printed at Amsterdam by John Frederick, stationer, at the sign of the Hope, 1639. The principles in it as followeth.    Starts at - Img 549 Pg 552
    • (3.18)  Robert Tuchin, John Barnes, Edward Buckler, Robert Dingly, James Crosswick, John Martin, Vincent Sparke, Joshua Tompkins, Simon Pole, Thomas Clarke, William Harby, Martin Wells, William Bignall, Richard Beminster, Matthew Herne. Their principles are as followeth, who are teachers in and about the Island of Wight; and these fifteen priests are in the rear of the army of Babylon against the Lamb.    Starts at - Img 560 Pg 563
    • (3.19)  W. S.'s book, called ‘A Parson's Guide, concerning Tithes and the Law of Tithes.’    Starts at - Img 570 Pg 573
    • (3.20)  Thomas Hodges, bachelor of divinity, rector of Soldren in Oxfordshire, his principles in a book, called ‘A Scripture Catechism,’ as followeth, where he goes about to confute errors, who confutes himself among them.    Starts at - Img 573 Pg 576
    • (3.21)  Several scriptures corrupted by the translators.    Starts at - Img 578 Pg 581