TITLE: The papists strength, principles, and doctrines : (which they are sworn to preach, from the Conncel of Trent, by the popes authority, and after confirmed by the last general assembly at Rouen, 1571...furthermore their principles and doctrines answered and confuted...

AUTHOR:   Fox, George.   Howgill, Francis.  

Table of Contents:

    FRONT MATTER:   THE PAPISTS STRENGTH. Principles, and Doctrines (which they are sworn to Preach, from the Conncel of TRENT, by the Popes Authority, and after confirmed by the last General Assembly at ROVEN, 1571. All which they have sworn to perform) Answered and confuted. Furthermore their Principles and Doctrines Answered and Confuted, as they were laid down in two or three severall Papers, by R. W. Papist, lately sent from HOLLAND. Also a challenge to the Pope and all his Adherents to choose out of all his Dominions some Cardinals, Fryers, or Jesuits to try their Bread and Wine, after Consecration (by watching on their side and on our side) to prove that if afterward they have consecrated it, whether the Bread and Wine doth not loose its taste and favour, and so not the Body and Blood of CHRIST. Also a paper to all them that fast and afflict themselves who are in the will-worship and voluntary humility. Also some Quaeries to all the Papists upon Earth to be answered in writing and sent to them, which all Sects upon the Earth call QUAKERS.      Starts at - Img 2 Pg UN
  • (1)  The Papists Principles as followeth, whose name subscribed thereunto, is R. W.    Starts at - Img 4 Pg 1
  • (2)  The Profession of the Catholique Faith, of the last Councell of Roüen, holden in the year 1571. according to the Councell of Trent, holden the year 1360. which they have taken upon oath and sworn to perform.    Starts at - Img 24 Pg 21
    • (2.2)  The Answer to R. W. his Paper, wherein he vindicates the doctrine and practise of the Romane Church so called, to be the Church of Christ.    Starts at - Img 36 Pg 33
  • (3)  To all the Papists upon the Earth    Starts at - Img 62 Pg 59