TITLE: Strength in weakness manifest : in the life, various trials, and Christian testimony, of that faithful servant and handmaid of the Lord, Elizabeth Stirredge ...

AUTHOR:   Stirredge, Elizabeth.  

Table of Contents:

    FRONT MATTER:   Strength in Weakness MANIFEST: IN THE LIFE, Various Trials, and Christian Testimony of that faithful Servant and Handmaid of the Lord, Elizabeth Stirredge, Who departed this Life, at her House at Hempsted in Hertford-shire, in the 72d Year of her Age.      Starts at - Img 2 Pg UN
  • (1)  A PREFACE Concerning the Author, and following Book.    Starts at - Img 4 Pg UN
  • (2)  A Testimony from several Friends belonging to the Meeting at Hemel, Hemstead, and the Parts Adjacent, in the County of Hartford, Concerning E. Stirredge, the 8th of the 3d Month, 1711.    Starts at - Img 14 Pg UN
  • (3)  John Thornton's Account of his Neighbour, Elizabeth Stirredge.    Starts at - Img 18 Pg UN
  • (4)  John Neale's Testimony Concerning Elizabeth Stirredge.    Starts at - Img 21 Pg UN
  • (5)  Concerning her Husband James Stirredge, by the same Hand.    Starts at - Img 25 Pg UN
  • (6)  Strength in Weakness Manifested, &c.    Starts at - Img 28 Pg 1
  • (7)  The way and manner of our going to Prison, and by whom we were Persecuted.    Starts at - Img 137 Pg 112
  • (8)  A Salutation of my Endeared Love in God's Holy Fear and Dread, and for the clearing of my Conscience, once more unto you of that City of Bristol, amongst whom my Soul hath some Years travelled under many a dreadful Exercise, which hath made my Bones to shake, and my Heart to tremble before the great God of Heaven and Earth, who will yet further bring his notable Day, wherein all Flesh shall Tremble before him.    Starts at - Img 204 Pg 179
  • (9)  A Faithful WARNING TO THE Inhabitants of England, And Elsewhere: With an Invitation of Love unto all People, to call them to Repentance, and Amendment of Life; for by so doing, many have escaped the Judgments that has been to be poured down upon their Heads.    Starts at - Img 220 Pg 195
  • (10)  BOOKS Printed and Sold by J. Sowle in White-Hart-Court, in Gracious-Street, 1711.    Starts at - Img 232 Pg UN
  • (11)  BOOKS printed and sold by T. Sowle in White-Hart-court in Gracious-street, 1706.    Starts at - Img 238 Pg UN