TITLE: The Bishop Busied Beside The Business. Or That Eminent Overseer, Dr. John Gauden, Bishop Of Exeter, So Eminently Overseen, As To Wound His Own Cause Well-Nigh To Death With His Own Weapon, In His Late So Super-Eminently-Applauded Appearance
in Testimony of truth exalted

AUTHOR:   Fisher, Samuel.   - EDITOR:   Fisher, Samuel.  

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    FRONT MATTER:   , THE BISHOP Busied beside the business. OR That Eminent OVERSEER, Dr. John Gauden, Bishop of EXETER, so Eminently OVERSEEN, as to wound his Own Cause well-nigh to Death with his Own Weapon, in his late so Super-eminently-applauded Appearance     Starts at - Img 868 Pg UN
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  • (25)  , THE BISHOP Busied beside the business. The First Part.    Starts at - Img 874 Pg 7
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