TITLE: The Scorned Quaker's Second Account Of His Second Attempt To Give Testimony To The Truth Of Jesus. Wherein Is Shewed, Both Why And What (So Far As The Lord Should Have Assisted) He Should Have Spoken By Commission From God, Had He Had Permission So To Do By Men, To The Parliament, And Ministers, And People Met Together At Margarets In Westminster, On The 24th Day Of The 7th Month, 1656. Being The Day Appointed By Them For Their First Publick Humiliation.
in Testimony of truth exalted

AUTHOR:   Fisher, Samuel.   - EDITOR:   Fisher, Samuel.  

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  • (7)  THE Scorned Quaker's SECOND ACCOUNT Of his second ATTEMPT to give Testimony to the TRUTH of JESUS. Wherein is shewed, both Why and What (so far as the Lord should have assisted) he should have spoken by Commission from God, had he had Permission so to do by Men, to the Parliament, and Ministers, and People met together at Margarets in Westminster, on the 24th Day of the 7th Month, 1656. being the Day appointed by them for their first publick Humiliation.    Starts at - Img 21 Pg 10
    • (7.2)  The Burden of the MESSAGE of the Lord it self, as it lay on me from the Lord to speak it, or so much of it as he (had I had Man's Leave to speak) should have been pleased to assist me to utter, and as it lay upon me from him, and was given in unto me by him in this fiery flying Role to commit to Writing.    Starts at - Img 23 Pg 12