TITLE: An account of the gospel labours, and Christian experiences of a faithful minister of Christ, John Churchman, late of Nottingham, in Pennsylvania, deceased. To which is added, A short memorial of the life and death of a fellow labourer in the church, our valuable friend Joseph White, late of Bucks County ..

AUTHOR:   Churchman, John.  

Table of Contents:

    FRONT MATTER:   AN ACCOUNT OF THE GOSPEL LABOURS, AND CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCES OF A FAITHFUL MINISTER Of CHRIST, JOHN CHURCHMAN, Late of Nottingham in Pennsylvania, deceased. To which is added a short Memorial of the Life and Death of a fellow Labourer in the Church, our valuable Friend JOSEPH WHITE, late of Bucks County.      Starts at - Img 2 Pg UN
  • (1)  TO THE READER.    Starts at - Img 4 Pg iii
  • (2)  AN ACCOUNT OF THE LIFE AND TRAVELS OF JOHN CHURCHMAN. CHAP. I. His early sense of the impressions of divine love, and spiritual conflicts in his youth.—Death of his father—His marriage—The settlement of a monthly meeting at Nottingham—His joining with other friends in visiting of families the first and second time—His being appointed an Elder, and first appearance in the ministry, &c.    Starts at - Img 8 Pg UN
  • (3)  CHAP. II His Journey with Robert Jordan to the Western part of Maryland in the Year 1738. Also to the Quarterly-meeting at Shrewsbury in New-Jersey—And with John Hunt through that Province—His Visit to the Eastern-shore of Maryland—His Journey to Fairfax and Hopewell in Virginia in company with a Committee of Friends—And a second Time to the Eastern-shore of Maryland with John Cadwalader, and companion—And his Visit to New-England in company with Samuel Hopwood in 1742.    Starts at - Img 43 Pg 38
  • (4)  CHAP. III. His Visit to Long-Island—Visit with others to the families of Friends in Nottingham—and to some families in Philadelphia and to the Mayor of that City, also to the assembly of Pennsylvania in the Year 1748.—His Journey with Michael Lightfoot to the Yearly-Meeting at West River in Maryland—and accompanied by Joshua Brown to divers Meetings in Pennsylvania and New-Jersey.—His considerations on Apprehending it his duty to visit Friends in Europe, and proceedings in preparing to enter upon that weighty Service, to the time of his leaving home in order to take shipping for London.    Starts at - Img 69 Pg 64
  • (5)  CHAP. IV. His Visit to Great Britain, Ireland and Holland, from the Year 1750 to 1754, with divers Observations on the State of our Religious Society in the course of his Travels.    Starts at - Img 87 Pg 82
  • (6)  CHAP. V. His attending the Quarterly-meetings at Philadelphia and Concord,—The Yearly-meeting at Philadelphia, and Quarterly-meeting at Shrewsbury in New-Jersey.—An Account of an Exercise attending his mind relating to War and the Public Commotions.—A Conference of several Friends thereon, with their Address to the Assembly of Pennsylvania on the Subject, and an Epistle to Friends in that Province in the Year 1755. His attendance of the general Spring-meeting in Philadelphia in 1756, and some Account of the Calamities of the Indian War in Pennsylvania.—An Account of the Yearly-meeting in Philadelphia the same Year.—A Relation of a Visit of Peter Gardner to Friends in Scotland.—A brief Account of an Indian Treaty at Easton in 1757.—Some Sentences expressed in two of his Public Testimonies.    Starts at - Img 172 Pg 167
    • (6.2)  To the Representatives of the Freemen of the Province of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met.    Starts at - Img 175 Pg 170
    • (6.3)  An Epistle of tender Love and Caution to Friends in Pennsylvania.    Starts at - Img 177 Pg 172
  • (7)  CHAP. VI Sundry Visits to Meetings in Pennsylvania and New-Jersey.—Also in Maryland and Virginia.—His Apprehensions of Duty to proceed on a Visit to Barbadoes, and Resignation thereto, but at length became most easy to decline it.—The Settlement of Uwchlan Monthly-meeting with his Epistle to Friends there.—Also some weighty Expressions uttered in the time of his Sickness in the Year 1761.    Starts at - Img 194 Pg 189
  • (8)  CHAP. VII His Visit to the Quarterly-meeting at Salem, and the General-meetings at Uwchlan and Goshen, in 1764. His attendance of the Yearly-meeting in Philadelphia, 1767—And the General-meeting at Caecil in Maryland.—The Death of his Wife.—His Visit to divers Meetings in Chester and Bucks Counties—to the Yearly-meeting in Maryland.—Also to several Meetings in New-Jersey.—And some others in York County Pennsylvania.—Also to Fairfax, &c. in Virginia.    Starts at - Img 225 Pg 220
  • (9)  CHAP. VIII His Attendance of the Western Quarterly-meeting in the second Month 1773—The Spring-meeting in Philadelphia—And the General-meeting at Duck Creek—The Quarterly-meeting at Shrewsbury—With several other meetings in New-Jersey—The Spring-meeting in Philadelphia in 1774.—His last Visit to New-York—And Long-Island.—His last attendance of the Yearly-meeting in Philadelphia.—His being at the Spring-meeting there in 1775.—And his last Journey to sundry Meetings on the Eastern-shore of Maryland.—His last illness with some weighty Expressions in that time.—His Death and Burial.    Starts at - Img 241 Pg 236
  • (10)  The following Memorial of our beloved Friend Joseph White, who was endued with an eminent Gift in the Ministry, and uniformly concerned for the wellfare of the Churches, is here subjoined at the desire of divers Friends, which as no account of his Labours and Visits in the service of the Gospel appears to be preserved by himself, may in some measure supply that Deficiency, and we apprehend will be an instructive and acceptable Appendage to the foregoing Journal, tending to revive and keep in Remembrance his pious Life, and the near Fellowship of his Brethren with him, and further animate survivors to Faithfulness in the discharge of their several Religious duties, in order that they also may be favoured with a well grounded Hope of attaining the like Happy End.    Starts at - Img 255 Pg 250